Anti-mousse concentré pour toiture et mur



L’IDS QUATER CR est traitement anti-mousse curatif et préventif des murs recouverts de plantes dites thallophytes : mousses, lichens, algues, verdissures… La formation des mousses est engendrée par l’eau de pluie et l’humidité. Il supprime efficacement tous les types de mousse, lichens et algues en une seule opération sur tous types de supports : toits, façades, murs, terrain de tennis…

Il est neutre, n’attaque pas et ne modifie pas les surfaces de quelque nature que ce soit (bois, pierre, ciment, …). Vous pouvez donc l’appliquer sur toutes les surfaces contaminées pour éliminer les mousses et lichens.

It has a long lasting and radical effect against mosses. It is very strongly dosed: it is a powerful anti-foam, remanent and economic. Plants die as soon as they are applied and gradually disappear: the treated surface regains its own appearance.

Easy to use, it is applied diluted by spraying or painting the support to defoam. 5 liters diluted with 20% defoamer IDS QUATER CR allow you to treat approximately 130m2. It is used in all seasons (Allow a few hours without rain for the application).

Thanks to this treatment, your wall or facade regains its original appearance in a few weeks without further intervention. This treatment protects it and increases its longevity.

This product is made in France.

Références Conditionnement Prix H.T Prix unitaire TTC Quantité
IDSQUATERNETCR001 1 Litre 10,90 € 13,08 €
IDSQUATERNETCR005 5 Litres 37,90 € 45,48 €
IDSQUATERNETCR010 10 Litres 70,90 € 85,08 €

Autre conditionnement (20 litres- 220 litres) sur demande. Email à


Curative & preventative for roof, remove all traces of lichens, algae, etc. !


This concentrated product is used for the curative and preventive treatment of surfaces covered with plants called thallophytes (mosses, lichens, algae, greening, etc.). It is neutral, it does not attack or modify surfaces of any nature whatsoever (wood, stone, cement, etc.).


• Powerful, long-lasting anti-foam
• Product that is non-toxic to humans and non-contaminating to the environment
• Does not affect surfaces



USE CONCENTRATION Condition Consumption
Spray or paint 15 to 20% and more if necessary – Dry surface

– Ambient temperature between 15 and 20 ° C

1 liter of diluted product for 5 to 6m²


– Make a preliminary test on a non visible surface to validate the adequacy of the product with the support.
– It is recommended to avoid prolonged contact with the skin. So we operate by wearing gloves and goggles.
– We can not be held liable for any application or use that does not comply with our instructions